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Originally Published on Travelmole link Travel Counsellors' founder and outspoken industry commentator David Speakman gives his thoughts on (the lack
First let me declare an interest I have previously criticised Abta for no longer financially protecting customers. At Abta Convention
Refusing customer refunds is a disgrace
I recently wrote about trust, at the core of all our relationships, it is the emotional glue at the very
I recently wrote an open Letter to Travel Counsellors regarding their attitude, self-belief and how they must tackle the present
Dear Travel Counsellors,I have been asked by a number of you to just write a few words about the present
Original article: Just as the travel giant was unwilling to make changes to survive, the industry must be frank
Last night a deal was completed in which we sold our remaining interest in Travel Counsellors. We were willing to
Excerpt from my after dinner speech at Scottish Passenger Agents Association Annual Dinner on 24 April (Rescheduled from 1st March)
Most people know what that means but depending on which side of the table you sit on the answers can